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New origami design! Origami Humming-bird!

And also, a Block Folding Brazillian Flag! Made with the help of volunteers from all over Brazil. It has about 4500 pieces and it´s displayed on São Paulo Library, next to Carandiru subway station.

here is the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hosktyVyfsk


It has been a while since my last update here (again). I won't put the videos here in the website anymore, but I'll keep updating the fist page and the gallery with the news. To watch the videos go to my youtube channel (TadashiMori)
There are a lot of new designs at the gallery and a video teaching the leviathan origami and the spiral spear. I want to write a new article about how to make your own origami designs but I guess it's going to take a while. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the videos and the photos =).


First of all, sorry for the late update. I´ve been quite busy in this year end... I´ll explain the reasons, talking about my life briefly (Then making this website become a personal blog, devoted to leisure and to contents without any contents, after all, thats what internet is for =))

--The college is killing me (São Paulo university is going to abort me...)
--I´ve been in lots of chuch events (I´m Christian)
--I´m making researches about papers (Later I´ll write about it here...)
--I´m making consultories (So, I have even less time for origamis)
--I´ll travel to Japan on January (So... no updates for a long time ) =(
--I like Koreans and Japanese girls (This is just a bonus comment)

I am already able to make washi and other kind of good papers for origami, but i still couldn´t find the perfect paper... is there anyone who could please help me find a product called AKD?

Well, let´s talk a little about origami, for now we got two new designs from Yves Macedo! His origamis are on the "gallery" section.


Now in english!

As some people asked me to make this website in english, I´m translating it. First of all, sorry for my bad English, I´ll try my best xD

Also, I´d like to explain that this website was first made to popularize the origami here in Brazil, so you´ll find only origami designs from Brazillians in the photo galleries. I hope you enjoy it =).


New Diagram!

"Touro" de Yves Macedo
I´ve been quite busy because of my college, so it´s kinda hard to update the website. But on my holidays I´m going to update more often putting some of my works here.

This time, I´ll put my new desing. The Kusudama Ciclone (With "i" because this is how we spell here in Brazil), I designed this origami some weeks ago, and the diagram is here.

Another news! Actually it has been some time since Yves Macedo sent this photo to me but I took a while to update here. Anyway, here it is his new design, an origami bull. To see the photos, go to the gallery link.


New origami Designers!

I couldn´t believe that after so long with no new origami designs, suddenly this month I received two new origami designers sending their works.

They are Yves Macedo and Thiago Duarte. you can find their jobs on the "Gallery" link .

I'm making some researches about papers, next year I hope to be making my own paper for complex origamis. It´s not a promisse but I want to make it to provide it here in Brazil since it's hard to bring them from abroad. The process has been slow because lots of products needed in the process are not sold here in Brazil. I spent a lot of money and time already. (ps. Any help will be veery welcome =), plz e-mail me if you can send me some AKD, it´s kinda hard to buy it here.)

Ah, theres a new video teaching how to make origamis. This video teach how to make a 6 modules kusudama, the theory is very simple, I hope you enjoy it =).

Creating origamis 04: 6 pieces kusudamas.

Yeah! Third place on TheKhans forum! But I still want to get first place at least once =)

For those who doesn´t know the forum, this is the link www.thekhans.me.uk/forum. There are the monthly challenge, with ppl from everywhere sending their models.

Ah, there´re also new tips of how to create origamis.

Creating origamis , part 3 - Origami Angel

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